INDA Data Logger

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An essential IoT gadget – a compact, robust, stand-alone smart recording and communication device with flexible functionality and an automatic connection to a cloud-based SW system.
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Battery powered
Battery powered
Records real-time data
Records real-time data
Different types of wireless radio communication
Different types of wireless radio communication
Several sensorics inputs
Several sensorics inputs

Smart features making it perfect IoT gadget

Small, battery powered, recorder that monitors and records real-time data such as humidity, temperature, movement, light strength etc. Acquired data is stored in the internal memory in a form of a data-log (data with timestamps) and regularly sent by means of wireless (radio) communication to a cloud-based software to be at disposal of its user for further analysis.


  • Several adjustable data inputs enabling simultaneous connection of different types of sensors.
  • Monitors: voltage, current, magnetic field, humidity, UV, temperature, movement, shaking, Co-CO2, radiation etc.
  • Smart storage of recorded data in a smart data logs (data together with timestamp).
  • Powerful microprocessor unit enabling customer adjusted functionality.

Perfect IoT gadget

  • Battery powered, small in size makes it easy to be put on “strategic places”.
  • Powerful microprocessor unit enables software features adjusted to customer demands.
  • Available different types of radio communication modules using public (GPRS, LTE, Narrowband) or proprietary (LoRa, MBUS, WiFi…) networks.
  • Efficient and secure communication protocols.
  • Cloud based supporting SW enables full IoT system with reaction to critical data in real-time.

Practical applications

  • Environment monitoring applications (weather or pollution).
  • Designated data acquisition (counting events, R&D testing equipment such as remote tracking etc.)

Technical specification

Dimensions and weight (basic housing without sensor cover)

Height 105 mm
Width 65 mm
Depth 19 mm

HW / Electronics

Deep sleep power <10uA, Power down leakage current < 5uA


Communication (RF) module
GSM/GPRS Quad-band
System can use almost all local GPRS networks
GSM/GPRS data loggers connect directly to an existing GSM network, transferring data wirelessly
SIM card included( without customer attentions – 10Years lifetime )

Battery / power-supply

Dual AAA standard battery size (1,0V – 1,6V) –a rechargeable type can be used


Low cost environmental monitoring system used to observe, manage and record data
Battery duration =more than 10 months @ 1 cycle/day
Wake up time and transmit packets in < 5sec.
Low voltage detection (for battery lifetime saving function)
Multicolour LED indicator for status - LED RGB indicator



Slim design
External antenna solution
Battery compartment


Temperature sensor (High Accuracy ±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C)
Humidity sensor (Precision Relative Humidity ± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH)
Lighting sensor (Ambient; 16-bits ADC with noise reduction; 0.015 to 64,000 Lux)


Operating temperature range: -20 °C to 85 °C.
Battery duration =more than 10 months @ 1 cycle/day

Monitoring & Security

Security applications (monitoring security of critical public infrastructure) & smart metering applications.
Monitoring & Security

Settings and installation

Customer friendly, plug and play installation. Two-way wireless communication (settings of communication parameters, data logging parameters, sensorics etc.). Cloud based central SW system with web access for end users and adjustable export of data to customers SW systems.


Production and shipment are being adjusted to requirements of each project/customer.


Robust compact design, battery powered, two way robust wireless communication using existing mobile networks (automatically switching among available networks), tested in field and in the test lab.

Full support

INDA’s own design, development and production – full documentation and technical support available if needed. Full maintenance of the product design throughout its lifespan.

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