AMR System

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Smart electronic sensorics and communication device that turns mechanical gas meters to smart.
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Unique design that enables easy and secure installation
Unique design that enables easy and secure installation
Smart functionality
Smart functionality
Long life expectancy of a battery
Long life expectancy of a battery
Cloud based
Cloud based
Inovative wireless communication
Inovative wireless communication


A combination of smart devices (INDA AMR modules), ingenious wireless communication and a sophisticated cloud-based SW system that can turn any old mechanical gas metering network in to a real Smart Automatic Meter Reading System by only a fraction of a price of a standard Smart Gas Metering System.


  • Unique design that enables easy and secure installation.
  • Several designs enable to use it with most of the types of already installed mechanical gas meters.
  • Low powered which enables long battery life expectancy.
  • It enables regular readouts in cloud application.

Full service

  • Public wireless communication network in a secure (encrypted) way.
  • Powerful cloud based INDA AMR SW system enables automatic gathering and storage of a large amount of data.
  • Export of data to customer’s ERP and/or billing SW system.
  • Easy to use mobile APP helps at installation.
  • Modules can be adjusted remotely after the installation.

Smart functionality

Alarms in case of exceeding set limitations (consumption, fire, earthquake etc.) Wireless communication modules independently search for the best available communication signal (GPRS or Narrowband).

Technical specification

Dimensions and weight (basic housing without sensor cover)

Height 78 mm
Width 40 mm
Depth 23 mm
weight 80 grams

HW / Electronics

High end design with integrated GPRS antenna


Communication (RF) module, GSM/GPRS Quad-bandt
Systen can use almost all local GPRS networks
These GSM/GPRS RF module connect automatically to an existing (best RSSI signal) 
GSM network, transferring data wirelessly
e-SIM ( without customer attention – 10Years lifetime )
SIM card included

Battery  /power-supply

Replaceable battery AA 3.6V


>5 years operations on a battery pack at data communications 1/per day and 1h datalogging
30 days 1h Load profile internal storage
Remote (OTA- Over The Air) parametrization/setup
Contact-less sensing of magnetic cock-wheel of a mechanical index
Tamper detection sensorics
Alarm generation


Several types adjusted to a specific mechanical meter/index
Enables fixing in to the mechanical index slot intended for AMR devices
Fastening and protection with seals


Electromagnetic sensor of the rotation of the magnetic cock-wheel of a mechanical index (impulses)
Magnet tamper protection (external magnetic field)
Temperature (fire detection)
Shakesensor (tamper/eartquake)


Operating temperature range -10 to +70 degC
Battery lifetime 5 years (at communications 1/per day and 1h Load profile)
e-SIM GPRS communication capacity >10 Years

AMR Modules enable smart functionalities

Real-time reading of gas consumption stored in programable load profile and various sensor readouts (magnet, temperature, shaking etc). Cloud based software stores data and enables analysis, using AI for predictions etc.
AMR Modules enable smart functionalities

Settings and installation

Customer friendly, plug and play installation. Mobile APP installation and setting tool available. Two-way wireless communication (settings of communication parameters, Load Profile, Tamper sensorics etc.). Cloud based central SW system with web access for end users and adjustable export of data to customers ERP.


Production and shipment are being adjusted to requirements of each project/customer.


Automatic connection to a (available) public mobile network, a secure encrypted wireless communication, lifespan of the (exchangeable) battery up to 8 years on normal operations (daily readouts of a hourly Load Profile) ), Tamper Attempt Detection sensorics, battery power drain monitoring, alarm raising etc.

Full support

Different business cases and financial packages available ( such as payment by readouts). It is INDA’s own design, development and production – full documentation and technical support available if needed, adjusting system parameters, functionality and user interfaces to the requests of a customer, full maintenance of the system throughout its lifespan.

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