Drago Optical Probe

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A small gadget for the Smart Metering professionals at affordable price.
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Request for price and quantity
Long life expectancy of a battery
Long life expectancy of a battery
IrDA standard communication protocol
IrDA standard communication protocol
Inexpensive in comparation to similar products
Inexpensive in comparation to similar products
Latest full Bluetooth communication
Latest full Bluetooth communication
Full support
Full support

Drago Optical probe

Smart communication device essential to produce, install and maintain all types of Smart Meters using IR optical communication port. Smart plug&play functionalities topped with wireless communication, operates for a long time on a single recharging of a battery, and its pocket size yet sturdy appealing design makes it a “need to have gadget” in the world of Smart Metering business.

Tailored for the professionals

  • Easy “Plug and play” usage.
  • Pocket size yet robust & reliable.
  • Wired or wireless (Bluetooth) communication.
  • 8h of continuous communication when working wireless.

One step ahead of the competition

  • Uses reliable in field tested optical (IrDA standard communication protocol) interface.
  • Most of the time in sleep mode and wakes up automatically.
  • Latest full Bluetooth communication functionality with standard IEC 1107 and DLMS communication protocol.
  • Mobile (Android) App available.

Must to have for any Smart Metering expert

  • Inexpensive in comparation to similar products.
  • Appealing design and pocket size.
  • Reliable, handy, easy to use.
  • Long life expectancy of a battery charged operations.

Drago Optical Probe is a bestseller

Relatively inexpensive in comparation to similar products, appealing design and size. Reliable, handy, easy to use, with smart functionality that is proven in field.

Technical specification

Dimensions and weight

Height 37 mm
Width 32 mm
Depth 13 mm
weight 17 grams

HW / Electronics

Rocky – basic model:  - USB to optic
Ultimate version: USB-to-optic or BT-to-optic


UART over BT Bluetooth 3.0 class2
UART over cable USB 2.0 full speed with micro-USB connector
IR optical port irDA

Battery / power-supply

LiPO cell 120mAh
Battery charging USB port


Buzzer for sound alert generationt
Multicolor LEDs for status indicator


Small and compact
Magnet for fixing


Awake function with hand-shaking


Operating temperature range -20 – 85degC
Continuous operations (BT communication) before charging 8h

Device Management

An easy to use mobile (Android) APP enables two way communication with the Drago Optical probe, setting up the communication, communicating with the Smart Meter by means of a optical probe and retrieving data from it.
Device Management

Settings and installation

Customer friendly, plug and play functionality. Mobile APP communication and setting tool available. Blue-tooth wireless communication etc.


Product on stock – contact our sales department for details.


Robust compact design, battery operations 8h at constant communication. Tested in field and in test lab.

Full support

INDA’s own design, development and production – full documentation and technical support available if needed. Full maintenance of the product design throughout its lifespan.

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