Smart Battery Powered Communication Devices

INDA is an expert in the field of R&D of smart battery powered electronic communication devices. INDA’s expertise is proven especially trough development of Smart Gas Electronic Index which is an electronic device with extremely low power consumption (the device operates on battery power but can still provide more than 15 years of service life with full functionality). Also other devices developed by INDA specially in the field of Smart Metering and IoT (such as AMR module, Drago IR BT Probe, INDA Data Logger etc.) have been developed based on this state of the art technology.

Software and AI analytics

INDA d.o.o, in its long history, is a development company that was mainly oriented towards software development, the electronic devices (hardware and firmware) development were added to it “only” 12 years ago thus making INDA’s portfolio complete. Software development was always based on the exceptional professionalism and adaptability of INDA’s employees. In the long history INDA has been involved in versatile fields of projects from accounting and cash systems through SCADA systems, automatic production control systems, production processes optimizing systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and lately also AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Development work in the field of embedded software, especially in the field of Smart Metering, requires a very precisely defined process of testing the device’s (developed in the development departments) functionality.

Hardware and Embedded Systems development

INDA’s team of highly experienced and well-organized engineers has proven many times their expertise in the development of highly advanced electronic devices both in field of Hardware as in field of Embedded programming. Apart from the development of smart meters and other related devices for our partners, INDA is intensively engaged in developing devices under its own brand and cooperating in different start-up and other innovative projects. INDA’s R&D team likes new challenges and we are open to cooperate in the projects that include the development of new innovative devices where or expertise and experience can be seen.

Smart Factory 4.0

INDA has more than two decades experiences in field of industrial automatics, production optimization, product traceability, machinery control etc. last but not least the original name of our company way back in previous millennia when it was established in 1999 was Industrial Automatics, and we have switched to a shorter version of name only latter due to convenience. This aside the fact is that if you are looking for a company that can develop for you IT systems in the field of industrial serial production support and optimization SW – we are it, as we have experience in virtually every field of today so modern Industry 4.0 way before it was even named this way.
Data acquisition (INDA developed systems for real time monitoring and optimization of the production efficiency included in to a MES (Machine Execution Systems) SW systems – of which INDAFactory is the most known.

Scientific Research Projects

INDA is as a “pure bread” R&D company and as such also involved in the international research and development projects such as a pilot project “Zeasar” where INDA has together with the Technical University of Dortmund in Germany, developed a successful prototype in field of e-Mobility. A fully operational smart system for controlling the charging of electric cars from individual homes (home based e-car charging system). In the project, INDA team successfully led the development of electronics (communication modules), measurement techniques (DC meter in an electric car), as the development of the cloud based software system with the connection to commercially available IoT devices (smart socket, “house” electricity meter, etc.).

Testing Laboratory

Since the products related to Smart Metering are highly complex and subjected to thorough inspection and verification of the independent institutes and they are intended for long-term use (up to 15 years without a battery replacement), include sensitive security features and in general very precise specification of its functionality, the products must be thoroughly checked and tested before being sent to the market. Since INDA’s customers, and their authorized institutes, require detailed reports on the course of tests, test procedures and results, it was necessary to set up a special department in the company: Testing Laboratory. Gaining its experience in the most demanding field of Smart Metering INDA’s Testing Lab is being fully integrated into other R&D projects and also offers its services in the market.