INDA d.o.o, in its long history, is a development company mainly oriented towards software development, with the electronic devices development we, have been dealing only in the last 5 years. Software development was always based on the exceptional professionalism and adaptability of our employees. It consisted of accounting and cash systems, SCADA systems, automatic production control systems, and, above all, production processes optimizing systems.

Among the “software products” are also programs and information-software systems such as INDAFactory and MeterRead. These programming modules are created in the companies “Programming Department” and are based on many years of experience in programming in higher programming languages (MS Visual Studio, C ++,, etc.) using databases (mainly MS SQL Server). In addition to the larger production optimization systems (INDAFactory) and to support the metering of energy meters (MeterRead), we offer the development of specialized, mainly production, software solutions that vary in functionality from traceability systems (INDATrace), statistical processing of measurements in production quality (INDASPC) , to specialized tools for testing INDAMSToolKit and automation of special production equipment (INDAPDOE).

By focusing on foreign markets and successfully penetrating the field of smart meters, software development focuses on the software development to support the testing and production of smart meters and their components, since the specifics of the field are such that internal knowledge can be accumulated in the development of devices in this area, the fastest and most effective way is to support software development in this field.