Smart Meters – Smart Metering

INDA d.o.o. as a successful high-tech company in the field of electronics, embedded systems, and software development represents the development heart of an international corporation that successfully performs on demanding European smart meters markets with products developed by our company.

The area of smart meters is presently the most complex requirements in the field of communication and data security in the world of electronic devices. Combined with the fact that, in the case of gas meters, a high level of safety is required, in addition to the extremely low power consumption and longevity of the devices (up to 20 years before changing the battery), the successful development of such devices is possible only with an extremely professional and dedicated team of experts.

The development of the smart indexes products (SEI – Smart Electronic Index) is carried out within the framework of an international consortium part of which we are. Our partners produce and install smart indexes developed by our company on their products (gas meter’s measuring units) and sell them under their brand as GSM – Gas Smart Meters for households or industry. Similarly, some radio communication modules are being developed in our company are being marketed (ZigBee 2.4GHz, ZigBee 868MHz, MBUS 868MHz and MBUS 169MHz, GSM and GPRS communication modules, Wi-Fi modules and data loggers).

In the smart meters development, programming knowledge of the most demanding embedded systems is crucial, both in terms of the standards governing the organization of data (e.g. DLSM, DSMR, SMETS2, UNI-TS) and from the point of view of communication and communication protocol security (e.g. GBCS).

The team INDA d.o.o. are experts in the field of electronic hardware (HW), embedded systems (Firmware Programming – FW) and Software (SW) – who daily prove with their knowledge that we can stand by the side of the largest technological companies, because for our partners we:
• manage the product development project,
• execute the development tasks on hardware and software,
• prepare the development patterns,
• prepare and archive the documentation in secure repositories (servers) for all international consortiums,
• test product functionality in our own testing laboratory,
• give support in verification process in certified and independent institutes,
• support partners in customer communication,
• support in preparation of production (cooperation in the preparation of technological procedures, development and production of the test production facilities and software),
• direct customer support in launching of the smart meters projects,
• etc.

The products developed in our company meet the most demanding standards that are given by the international or local (specific for each country) institutions, commissions, and institutes in the field of metrology, data storage security and, above all, the security of communication protocols.

Individual products such as SEI, INTEGRA and iSmart are specifically described in their sections.