Electronics and Embedded Systems

Apart from the development of smart meters and devices in this field for our partners, our company is intensively engaged in developing devices under its own brand. The condition for such development is that the idea for the device is new (innovative), fun and that we see a business opportunity in it. Projects in the field of the electronic devices (gadgets) development are an area in which we can show our creativity and professionalism. In the development of the devices, we work with partners, manufacturers of electronic components, who accept us as important partners in the development of new technologies. This way, we manage to keep in touch with development trends all the time.

We offer our services in the field of electronics and embedded systems, along with our established partners, to other customers.

At this point among our “gadgets” we consider:
• DRAGA optical probe (USB and/or Blue-tooth communication, with IR communication for smart meters),
• GSM/GPRS low power RF module,
• Wi-Fi data logger,
•other communication modules and converters,
• etc.