“SEI” in English meaning Smart Electronic Index. It is an electronic device with extremely low power consumption (the device works with battery power and thus provides more than 15 years of service life with full functionality), which makes the so-called smart meters from mechanical gas meters.

This device (SEI) allows not only accurate recording and storage of mechanical meter measurements, but also two-way communication via a radio link to the central computer system, display of measurements and other data on the display of the device, smart tariffing, recording of so-called “load profiles” (periodic record load profile), event logs, burglar alarms generations, temperature compensation measurement, prepayment function, high level of protection of communication and data, remote valve closure and all other required functions of smart meters.

When developing smart indexes, we adhere to the strict guidelines and standards imposed by the institutions in each of the target countries for which we develop individual product types.
Our company entirely takes over the Smart Electronic Index Development.

This includes:
• adaptation (development) of the sensors to the measuring unit (usually a mechanical or ultrasonic measurement method),
• electronics development , hardware development,
• battery power development and its control,
• alarm sensors, user interface,
• microcontroller circuitry,
• protection against electromagnetic radiation,
• measuring equipment development – legally protected part of installed software,
• application part of embedded software development
• assistance or implementation of the required verifications (MID, ATEX etc.),
• help with the introduction into production,
• etc.


SEI ver. 2.0. and ver. 2.1. represent the Smart Electronic Index, its basic functionality is to be attached to a mechanical gas meter, or – a gas household meter (GWi Ltd), forming the Gas Smart Meter Electronical (GSME). Such a product is made according to the latest standards required in the United Kingdom (SMETS2, GBCS). In developing, we work with practically all major distributors of energy (gas and electricity) in the UK, as we successfully participate in tenders with the product. The Smart Electronic Index also contains the interchangeable communication module ZigBee (2.4GHz and 868MHz), which is also fully developed by our company INDA d.o.o.


INTEGRA is a Smart Electronic Index working name for industrial gas meters (GWi Ltd and Apator Metrix SA) made according to the latest standards required in the Netherlands (DSMR5 and DLMS standard). Its basic functionality is that it is attached to a mechanical gas meter, or – the industrial gas meter (Apator Metrix SA) forming the Industrial Smart Gas Meter (GSME – Gas Smart Meter Electronical). The communication module MBUS (868MHz), which is included in the device as an interchangeable communication device, is developed in cooperation with the partner company Apator Metrix SA.


Smart Electronic Index designed for gas household meters (Apator Metrix SA) made according to the latest standards required in Italy (UNI-TS). Communication radio MBUS (196MHz) and GSM/GPRS module in cooperation with partner companies.