METERRead is a software package developed in cooperation with our partner ASL-Services GmbH from Germany. The basic purpose of this software package is Work-management and the implementation of manual and mobile devices with the supported reading of a large number of energy meters (water, electricity, gas, heat) in end user’s homes for the purpose of charging energy consumption (“billing”).

The system consists of:
• administration applications on the server,
• database (based on MS SQL server),
• interfaces for data transfer between the company’s database (usually SAP), which performs meter reading and subscribed companies (distributors of energy products). The interface also performs “translating” communication protocols of the distribution companies into records defined in the MeterRead system,
• applications on the mobile devices (mobile phones or tablets, Android, MS Mobile, IOS) for the direct data input from on-site readers,
• an interface for scanning electronic meters (libraries, as well as INDA developed optic heads),
• etc.

The software package is built modularly and constantly updated – it reads annually and processes over 800,000 readings. The system is also expanded to read smart meters using GSM/GPRS communication modules developed by INDA d.o.o. or data loggers developed in INDA d.o.o.