Communication modules

ZigBee radio module

The module is adapted to the requirements of the UK market (but due to general requirements it is also applicable in all other markets). Frequency 2.4GHz or 868MMHz. Certified according to the requirements of SEP 1.2. (TRAC). Low consumption, local production, well-established delivery procedures. The integrated development of the module, including built-in software and security protocols, was carried out by INDA d.o.o. Also, the entire production process was defined, controlled and derived from the point of view of our company. This includes both the procedures for obtaining security certificates, keys and tracking, as well as the production of software and hardware for entering embedded software, certificates, addresses, keys, and final operation verification

GPRS/GSM radio module

Radio module featuring extremely low power consumption. It is intended primarily for automatic readings of measuring devices, or as a standard communication module for smart meters (suitable as a removable RF module for all products in this field developed by INDA d.o.o.). It is also used in data loggers and similar devices. Chip-set is ATEX-certified (fire protection/spark). In the case of this product, the production is entirely organized and controlled by INDA d.o.o.

Wi-Fi radio module

A stand-alone device designed for reading the pulses (production cycles) for the wireless support of the INDAFactory system. It is also commonly used for other communication purposes. Low consumption, easy to use. Our own production.