INDA Smart Factory

System for optimization of a serial production – enables data acquisition and analysis of the production efficiency by the workplaces, workers, machines, work orders etc. in real time – automatically without human intervention. Tested in field offers measurable savings.
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INDA Smart Factory
20 years of experience
Real time
Connection to ERP
Optimization of production
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20 years of experience

  • Tracking of the productivity, automatic and manual workplaces in real time.
  • Simple control – one glimpse – view over the whole production process.
  • Adjustable settings of alarms at stoppages, exceeding waste products, failing to meet work efficiency expectations etc.

Integration with existing ERP systems

  • Importing and exporting data (work orders, norms, machine’s parameters, workers etc.)
  • Supporting different types of production and its organization.
  • Cloud based SW system with remote access.

Powerful tools

  • Ingenious calculation of the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) in real time.
  • Powerful graphic analytic tools.
  • Remote accessibility and automatic alarms by e-mail, SMS.
  • Detecting bottlenecks in production.

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