INDA Data Logger

Small and inexpensive battery powered recorder that monitors and records real-time data such as humidity, temperature, movement, light strength etc. Stored data is sent regularly by means of radio communication to a cloud-based software to be at disposal of its user for further analysis.
INDA Data Logger
Battery powered
Records real-time data
Different types of wireless radio communication
Several sensorics inputs


Several adjustable data inputs enable simultaneous connection of different types of sensors thus enable monitoring magnetic field, humidity, lighting/UV, temperature, movement, shaking, CO-C02, radiation etc. – all adjusted to the customer wishes, as is the functionality of embedded software on the powerful microprocessor unit – such as smart storage of recorded data in to a smart data logs, communication protocols etc.

Perfect IoT gadget

The data logger is designed to be a perfect IoT gadget – it is battery powered, small in size which makes it easy to be placed at “strategic places”. Powerful microprocessor unit enables software features adjusted to customer demands. Efficient and secure communication protocols with the cloud based supporting SW enables full IoT system with reaction to critical data in real-time.

Endless functionality

Some of the functionalities of the IoT system using INDA data logger are: environment monitoring (weather or pollution), designated data acquisition (counting events, R&D testing equipment such as remote tracking of agricultural heavy equipment etc.), security applications (monitoring security of critical public infrastructure) etc.

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