Ingenious solution composed of smart communication devices, innovative wireless communication and a cloud-based data software system – all these components joined together enable any “old” gas metering network to be transformed in to a modern Smart Automatic Meter Reading system by only a fraction of a price of a standard Smart Gas Metering System.
Unique design that enables easy and secure installation
Smart functionality
Long life expectancy of a battery
Cloud based
Inovative wireless communication

Turns mechanical gas meters to smart

INDA AMR module is a combination of the state-of-the-art electronic design, low power management (life expectancy of up to 10 years on a single battery charge), sophisticated embedded software, innovative wireless communication, and a unique housing design that enables easy and secure installation on most of the existing types of mechanical gas meters. All this is designed by the team of smart metering experts and engineers in a way that enables easy installation in field, thus turning mechanical gas meters into an integral part of the sophisticated yet easy to use Smart Automatic Meter Reading system.

Fully operational and flexible Smart Metering System

On one hand INDA AMR modules are providing reliable and accurate reading of the mechanical meter’s indexes, storage of data in to a programable load profile, tamper detection and a robust communication using available public networks in a secure
(encrypted) way and on another hand a powerful cloud based INDA AMR SW system enables automatic gathering and storage of large amount of data, its supervision, analysis and export to customer’s ERP and billing SW system.

Real time gas consumption and alarms

Smart wireless communication modules independently search for the best available communication signal (GPRS or Narrowband), connecting to it and automatically transferring readings of a meter’s consumption in form of a load profile to the cloud-based software which stores data, enables its analysis and export data to the additional ERP and billing systems. Alarms in case of exceeding set limitations (consumption, fire, earthquake etc.) are also being transferred automatically to the central SW system thus enabling customers to react in case of need.

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