We appreciate independence, communication, self-initiative, readiness for teamwork, reliability, up-to-dateness and the desire to acquire new knowledge and meet new challenges.

If you have a lot of good will and a desire to work in a dynamic, young team, we invite you to send us your CV.

A career in a successful, and especially in foreign markets recognizable high-tech company in a team of young top professionals who together develop innovative products.
For vacancies, we offer employment for an indefinite period, after a probationary period, a good salary, a tidy and comfortable working environment, a system of rewarding business successes, constant challenges in the development of high-tech products, and above all to become part of a connected team.


Expected knowledge, education, and experiences:

  • Programming in higher programming languages – desired: C#,, JAVA, etc.
  • Knowledge of MS SQL database,
  • Experiences with work in R&D department,
  • Independance,
  • Experience on similar working areas,
  • Desirable education: IT engineer- programming (education can be also higher (, Master od Science, Phd )

Desirable general characteristic, valid for all candidates:

  • Literacy in Slovene language,
  • As good as possible speaking and writing in English,
  • Desirable knowledge of German language.

The rest:

  • Self initiative,
  • Ability and desire to work in a young connected and penetrating team,
  • Ability and thirst for independent learning and work,
  • Following the latest trends in electronics,
  • Self-organization,
  • Experience and / or desire to work on large international projects,
  • High level of ethical standards.

If you are interested, send your CV to or call us to arrange a meeting.