INDA Company

INDA is a successful high-tech innovative company in the field of electronics development, embedded systems and software. INDA represent the development heart of an international corporation that successfully performs on the demanding European Smart Metering markets with its products.
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INDA Company


Tatjana Yeshe Kristan
CEO and founder
Boštjan Yeshe Jevšenak
CTO, Head R&D and founder
Boštjan Justin
COO and Head of SW
Miha Ušeničnik
Head of the Test laboratory and Project managment
Marko Bokal
R&D Head deputy and head HW
Boštjan Mikelj
FW head
Uroš Derstvenšek
Senior FW RF consultant
Dušan Požek
Industrial Smart Gas Metering
Damjan Čibej
Head test Engineer
Gašper Štrubelj
Test engineer
Uroš Golob
RF FW engineer
Primož Prevc
AI SW engineer


Our guidelines

“High-Tech with integrity” is INDA’s keyword. Our wish is to use our expertise in the development of technologically advanced products that are intended to benefit all sentient beings. Our intent is to leave a positive imprint in the world we are living in. This starts with deeply caring and carefully growing our relationships in the team, among the employees. Furthermore, our attitude toward our customers and business partners is something where with transparency and professionalism we continue in our efforts to set a positive example for the relationships in the broader society.
Poletni teambuilding.


Our success is felt not only by the team and our business partners, with our donations we are regularly and actively supporting charity organizations, animal shelters and other similar endeavours in our local society. With these guidelines we manage to work in a highly innovative, professional, and toward constant improvement and technical perfection orientated environment which remains friendly, warm and focused on wellbeing of each in our team. And last, but not least, these guidelines enable us to be highly successful in our business and have a constant and significant growth of our business while achieving this by being a part of one big successful story called INDA.
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