About the company INDA d.o.o.

We are a successful high-tech company in the field of electronics development, embedded systems and software, we represent the development heart of an international corporation that successfully performs on the demanding European smart meters markets with products developed by our company.

Working for foreign partners, we are building our business story of success with the development of products, devices, and systems that we offer on the market under our brand name.

Despite the company’s long history (it was founded in 1999), the core of the company, with experienced management, is composed of young top experts in the field of embedded systems, electronics, and computer programming.
An exceptional team of experts, employee relationships, a relaxed and comfortable working environment and a common focus on goals are the factors that ensure the success of our company.

Company organization and quality of services are supported by ISO standards (ISO 9001 and 27001).
In accordance with the requirements of each market, we fulfill all the required local standards (ISO 9001 and 27001 in the process of obtaining) and we provide the appropriate certificates (ZigBee (TRAC), ATEX, MID, CPA, DLMS …) for our products (in the field of smart meters).


• George Wilson Industries Limited, United Kingdom – www.gwi-ltd.co.uk/,
• Apator Metrix S.A., Poland – www.apator.com/pl